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Chatterjee, Klotzbach, Larue 

The goals of this project were to create a fundamentally immersive
community with place-based design for aging in place by providing spaces and programs that promote healthy and active senior lives, foster interaction and connection between schools and between young and older age groups through an accessible corridor, and building a space that draws all community members and provide community volunteering opportunities.


A healthy senior living community can only emerge by forging long-lasting inter-generational bonds which has been achieved by purposefully immersing the necessary community components into the site with minimum intervention and displacement. To build a cohesive community the connection between two schools in the neighborhood and between the youth and elderly population has been emphasized through a safe pedestrian friendly accessible corridor and a community center ensuring a shared space for everyone to enjoy and interact fostering interpersonal bonds towards the community and promoting volunteering mentality for the betterment of each other's physical and mental health.

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