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Alexander, Bell, Chatterjee, Halvorson

The Greater Phoenix Digestive Health Clinic includes elements
that nurture the innate human-nature connection through Biophilic design. Living in the desert imparts a deep appreciation for the value of water and at the same time, the importance of water in the human body for digestive health. This clinic wants to showcase how to use water wisely in a healthcare setting that sits in the arid desert of Arizona by using low water use and desert-adapted plants, recycling water for indoor landscaping and through artificial water features to produce effects of soothing and calmness in a healing environment. Oasis is designed in the on-stage/off-stage fashion and with a pod design. Oasis is a place to make the patients aware about drinking water through infographics and the custom beverage station, the main feature within the Active Waiting Area, which demonstrates the filtration process of water through plants and creates a separation of space while still allowing the space to be open and welcoming.

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