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An open letter to COVID19

An open letter written to COVID19 by the class of 2020, a batch of fresh graduates with uncertainty and despair, hoping for "This, too, shall pass."


Dear COVID19,

Though you have tried to massacre the world quickly and swiftly, I’m not scared of you. I don’t have the power to challenge you but I’ll at least do my part to save my society and my close ones to keep them away from you. I’ll do my best to beat you. I have hated you so much for not having a chance to say a proper goodbye to my friends, teachers, colleagues, and students, for canceling all the events that I was eagerly waiting for from graduation ceremony to fashion show, from inviting my parents for my graduation to present my papers at international conferences. But I confess, deep down in my heart I believe, you have some good intentions too. I believe you are here to reduce the load on the earth that we are imposing for so long so ignorantly. I believe you will help us reduce the pollution, population and increasing the preparedness globally. I believe you will teach us lessons to be responsible and convergent towards our family and society. I believe you will show us how to sacrifice for a greater purpose than our own good. If you spare me, I believe, I will have some good stories to share with my children and grandchildren like my parents and grandparents told us stories about war, independence, epidemic, and the emergency period.

I’m not judging you COVID19 and in no means, I’m underestimating you, just help us survive you, and we all will remember you till the end of our days. Isn’t that what you want after all?

Yours sincerely,

A quarantined civilian

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